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Cadet College Razmak is a military boarding school in the scenic Razmak valley of North Waziristan Agency, Pakistan. Established in 1978, the college admits Cadets (students) in Class 7th after written/IQ tests, interviews and medical fitness tests. They are imparted physical training (sans weapons) by military trainers in addition to routine education. Razmian alumni are found in every walk of life; the principal profession chosen being Armed Forces.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pics Album: Late and Shaheed Razmians

Cadet College Razmak has lost a number of its alumni to death over the last 30 years or so. This album contains pics of some of these late & Shaheed Razmians who are no more with us. (all Razmians are requested to include data about any names that are missing here).
The names are listed here:
  • Maj Matiullah Shaheed
  • Khalid Mengal (late) - 7th Entry
  • Captain Muhammad Ali Shaheed (9th Entry)
  • Moazzam Ali (late) - 17th Entry
  • Lt Ijaz Ali (late) - 19th Entry
  • Jawad Haroon (late) - 19th Entry
  • Captain Mearaj Muhammad Safi Shaheed (20th Entry)
  • Adnan Afridi (late) - 21st Entry
  • Javed Iqbal Wazir Shaheed (22nd Entry)
  • Lt Sajjad Khan Bajauri Shaheed (23rd Entry)
  • Tasawwur Hussain Shaheed
  • Meraj Khan Bajauri (late)
  • Farman Khan Bhittani (late)
  • Captain Irfan Shaheed (23rd Entry)


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  1. Ay watan k sajeelo jawano

    Tumhy watan ki duayein salaam kehti han,

    Yes still i remember those precious moments which i had spent with my some of these SHAHEED collegues. Allah may rise their DARAJAAT. Ameen

    Faqir Elahi from the glory of the past.

  2. Hi, can some one confirm me the name Khalid Mengal (late) - 7th Entry. Did he do his matric in 1986 and he was in Bilal House. At that time Niazi sb was the house master.
    As I did my matric in 1986 and had a house mate called Khalid Mengal from Baluchistan.

    Arif Shah

  3. Hi all RAZMIANS. just to correct the mistake in a picture depicting Major Matiullah Shaheed. In fact the person shown is Hizbullah from Ghazali House.
    From: LT COL TAHIR

  4. M.RAHEEL late 24th entry

  5. my own brother got martyred in 1999.Cadet Tanveer Ahmed during his training at Pakistan Naval Academy.

  6. any updates about my dormmate....zia ul haq from charsadda (goodar kalay)...19th entry 1996-2002..ghazali house

  7. Great work, May Allah accept the good deeds of all brothers. Really shocked to see some brothers in the list. Jawad haroon, Ijaz Hussain & Zia ul Haq, unbelievable but thats how life is, we all are directed to the same path:>>> later or sooner...